Where's Our Big Lottery Refund? £425 million raided from our communities: We want it back
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Did you know the Government raided £425 million from the Big Lottery Fund to pay for the 2012 Olympics?

The Big Lottery Fund supports charitable projects that help communities and people in need across the UK. £425 million could have funded over 10,000 charities!

We’re proud of the Olympics, but it wasn’t right to fund them this way. We demand that the £425 million is paid back to the Big Lottery Fund immediately, now that the Olympics are over.

The clock is ticking!

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Olympic sales! Positive news but still a long way to go!

It has been over two years since the launch of London 2012. It is one year since we were assured of a partial refund of £148 million, of which £79m was paid back in July this year. The Government says the remaining £69m of the assured £150m is also on its way from the sale of the Athlete's Village.

This is fantastic news and shows how positive action can make a real difference!

However, this £148m is unrelated to the £425m that should have been distributed by the Big Lottery Fund (click here for more information).

Our campaign is ongoing - we are not giving up on getting the full £425m returned to the Big Lottery Fund!

Check out our How you can help page now to write to Ministers to get a commitment refund the rest and give it back to small charities!

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