Where's Our Big Lottery Refund? £425 million raided from our communities: We want it back
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Did you know the Government raided £425 million from the Big Lottery Fund to pay for the 2012 Olympics?

The Big Lottery Fund supports charitable projects that help communities and people in need across the UK. £425 million could have funded over 10,000 charities!

We’re proud of the Olympics, but it wasn’t right to fund them this way. We demand that the £425 million is paid back to the Big Lottery Fund immediately, now that the Olympics are over.

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Olympic Stadium ripoff ‘hammers’ charities into the turf

15 April 2016

West Ham United and its owners are set to profit from the Olympic Stadium, which was effectively supported by tens of thousands of Britain's charities. Details of the deal have been released and we're calling on the Government to repay charities.

Budget 2016: a missed opportunity

17 March 2016

The Chancellor has once again failed to honour the government's debt to our communities.

Big Lottery grants under new threat from Government

23 November 2015

Shockingly, the Government is set to raid YOUR lottery money again - and this time, it could be even worse. There are credible reports that the Government is planning to slash £320 million a year from the Big Lottery Fund (BLF) in the Autumn 2015 Spending Review.

Danger of default on Government Olympic debt as campaigners mark 'three year anniversary of shame'
12 August 2015

It's three years since the Olympics closed - but the debt to Big Lottery Fund still hasn't been repaid and the Government is dragging its heels.

Campaigners demand a response from the Culture Secretary
8 August 2015

We wrote to John Whittingdale MP, the Culture Secretary, to remind him of the £425 million owed to charities. We urge him to respond.

Government misses its last chance: Budget 2015
18 March 2015

The Chancellor missed his last opportunity to commit to repayment before the general election.


What do 3849, 1360, 425, 4 and 2 have in common?

No, it’s not a maths riddle or an episode of Countdown. Find out more here.

Here's the response the campaign received from the Treasury.


Big Lottery Ripoff averted following campaign

25 November 2015

In his Spending Review statement, George Osborne poured cold water on policy plans to slash the Big Lottery Fund (BLF), which had been leaked during the final weeks of the review.

In the weeks leading up to the Spending Review, an anonymous group called Save Big Lottery revealed plans to cut £320m from the Big Lottery Fund’s revenues, in order to redistribute funds to the arts, sports and heritage lottery distributors. This would have had devastating effects on the community groups and charities that depend on the Big Lottery.

In his speech, the Chancellor announced that Big Lottery ‘will continue to support the work of hundreds of small charities across Britain.’

This excellent news came after a campaign involving leading charities, including Big Lottery Refund supporters and the Directory of Social Change (DSC), had asked people to contact MPs to oppose the move.

THANK YOU for your support with the campaign to save the Big Lottery.

The Big Lottery is safe this time - now let's try and get back that £425m!

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1,000 days since our money was taken! We want it back!

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1000 days

The campaign carries on...

Our campaign is ongoing - we are not giving up on getting the full £425m returned to the Big Lottery Fund!

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